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Corporate, Narrative, and Hybrid Film production and development

MEND Nutrition is a Whole-Person Healing Program Used by Soldiers, Athletes, & Pro Teams.
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Short film

Shot completely alone and in isolation in a dune shack, THERE is a story about a man who wakes up on a beach and walks up upon a shack in the middle of nowhere, and meets another guy who is played by the same actor who is really a reflection of the same characters alternate selves. Over the course of 24 hours the two weave through each other’s experience at the shack, getting along and not getting along, ultimately engaging with the fears and anxieties that have not been dealt with in themselves.

Through editing and the way in which it was shot and acted, the singular actor (Ryan Bourque) is seen acting with himself in a number of scenes, as he also explores his mind and emotions while he returns to nature and buries his presence in the sand where he was born

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A Short Film

Shot in April to October in 2020, during Isolation and lockdown, Ryan Bourque and a group of artists brought together a film that was both a narrative and documentary about life at that time, and in that moment. Directed through zoom, he guided the actors to set up and frame their own shots with their own equipment, and collected the footage making a short film out of it all.

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